The SSPEED Center was formulated based on a core faculty participant team. Each member brings a unique talent to the Center, and many of the involved faculty has worked together on related evacuation and flooding projects in the region.

  • P.B. Bedient, Center Director, Rice University
  • H.S. Rifai, Co-Director, University of Houston
  • J. Granato, University of Houston
  • J. Padgett, Rice University
  • J.H. Pardue, Louisiana State University
  • B. Wolshon, Louisiana State University
  • G. Wells, University of Texas at Austin
  • C. Dawson, University of Texas at Austin
  • J. Benavides, University of Texas at Brownsville
  • C. Lewis, Texas Southern University
  • S. Brody, Texas A & M University, College Station
  • F. Olivera, A & M University, College Station
  • B. Merrell, A & M University, Galveston
  • B. Seitz, A & M University, Galveston

Our Private and Government Partners include:

  • Houston Galvestion Area Council
  • Texas Medical Center
  • Vieux and Associates, Inc.
  • Walter P. Moore
  • Dodson and Associates, Inc.
  • TC&B

SSPEED Center UH has established partnerships with the Weather Research Museum, Bayou Preservation Association, and the Galveston Bay Foundation. We continue to build relationships with other entities, either non-profit or private, that have a vested interest in our topics of research and education.