The SSPEED Center organizes leading universities, researchers, emergency managers and private and public entities to better address severe storm impacts in the Gulf Coast area. The impact zone stretches from Texas to Louisiana and includes major cities such as New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, and Brownsville.

SSPEED is focused on:

  1. severe storm and hurricane research and storm surge prediction,
  2. radar-based rainfall and flood warning systems for urban and coastal areas,
  3. state-of-the-art educational programs for workforce training and public awareness,
  4. infrastructure risks assessment, and
  5. evacuation plans linked to the best warning and transportation systems, and societal needs.

The keys are to improve lead-time and accuracy of prediction and to deliver the information in real time to emergency managers for improved evacuations or sheltering in place.

Click here for the link to Rice University's SSPEED website:
SSPEED Rice University